Telecom Expense Management: Do Carriers have a Secret Menu?

Have you ever eaten at In-N-Out? If you haven't and you love burgers you should check them out. If you've been there you know they have a cult like following because of their amazing burgers and fries. Why else would you wait in line for 20 minutes when you could get a burger in 5 minutes at numerous other fast food joints?

What I like about In-N-Out besides the food is they have a secret menu. Items like a grilled cheese, protein style burger and animal style burger are only available to those "in the know". I decided to do a Google search to see if anyone had listed the "secret" items and I found In-N-Out's Secret Menu. I've eaten at In-N-Out for 20 years and found items on this list I wasn't aware of, I guess I'm not so 'in the know".

How does this relate to telecom and wireless services? Well many times the folks that provide quotes, place orders and service your accounts may not be familiar with, or not supposed to mention, a "secret" promotion, discount or tariff. They are only available to those "in the know".

For example AT&T has a promo for an Internet T-1 that can reduce costs as much as 30% simply by providing a competitive quote from a provider that has two words in its name that begin with T and W. There are lots of these little loop holes that can be used to drive down costs but you need someone "in the know" to help you find them.