(Unified Communications as a Service)



Gone are the days of the premise-based PBX, with the call centers becoming contact centers, all internal and external communications need to be unified. 

As with most technologies, with UCaaS there is no one provider that solves all of an Enterprises requirements, and even within the most stringent corporate environments maintaining control of communications applications is a daunting task. 

At Vocio we help our clients design, procure and manage UCaaS services from a portfolio of the largest providers, Microsoft Teams, Ring Central and 8x8, to name a few. 

If you'd like some help navigating the complex maze of providers please complete the form below and one of our UCaaS subject matter experts will contact you. 

What clients are saying


"After going through three different service providers and running into the same problems, I was thrilled that Vocio was able to get it right the first time."

Amy S.

Appellate Defenders

"Managing Telecom charges and information can always be a challenge. Most companies don't have the benefit of accessing the data from one location. The staff at Vocio designed a dashboard that tailored not only to my needs, but created logins and limited access views for other co-workers that shared a need to view this data. The staff at Vocio is knowledgeable, efficient, and handles even the smallest request as a priority."

Ray R.


"For over four years Vocio has provided us with excellent service. Most recently we were charged over $5,000 for Internet usage on one of our cell phones. We believe it was a faulty phone but after several unsuccessful calls to the carrier I called Vocio and explained what happened. They asked me to send the bill and within 24 hours we had received a full credit. It was very impressive."


Johnstone Supply

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