AT&T; Rate Increases Keep on Coming

In every local market AT&T has taken over rates have increased, well not in every case, some Public Utilities Commissions have denied their requests, but they have tried. And in California there was a PUC decision that allowed AT&T and Verizon to raise rates without seeking approval from the PUC. The rate increases just keep coming. For instance here's one we were notified of today.


This amounts to a 20% increase for Single Line, and a 25% increase for Multi Line Measured Rate Service. Many other services have seen rate increases as well, for instance DSL has gone up by $5, for both their AT&T retail customers and for wholesale providers. In December they hiked their dial up service by $6.

What does all this mean? It means telecom and wireless costs must be constantly monitored, and that rate increases should be met with some resistance. Vocio provides that resistance. We are your advocate when dealing with the carriers and we educate you on the best way to procure services from them. Many times there are little known promotions or alternate sourcing methods that can lower costs 10-40% for the exact same carrier service.

Additionally clients using our Telecom and Wireless Expense Management Software would have invoices flagged if there was a change to the MRC, as in a rate increase. By detailed and granular management of costs Vocio is able to lower our clients overall telecom and wireless expenses by an average of 20% or more in 90 days.

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