You want to Lower Telecom and Wireless Costs? Here's the First Step

What's the first step to controlling telecom and wireless costs?

It's gathering all the invoices and getting the Customer Service Records (CSR's) from your carriers. Why is that the first step? Because your invoices and CSR's will give you the most accurate view of your expenses, and it's the best source to use for building your inventory. The second step would be to gather all of your contracts so we can audit the invoices and make sure the contracted rates are being billed correctly. And lastly among the important items? A current list of employees.

With the information above:

  • We can create a listing of all site locations and the inventory (lines, trunks, T-1's, DS-3's) at that location.
  • We can also create an inventory for each employee along with their exact monthly costs for all telecom and wireless charges (phone, aircard, calling card, conferencing, pagers). Making it easy to allocate costs.
  • We can list all of your account numbers, provide a pdf copy of the invoice in digital form for future reference, provide a listing of invoice due dates
  • Give you an unlimited number of reports like, actual versus budgeted spend, quarter over quarter, or year over year cost comparisons.

All this information can be garnered from a simple invoice, which is why we created our free trial. Send us your most challenging invoices - Yes, even the 4000 page ones. We can receive invoices via e-mail, you can load an invoice in pdf format (no size limit) from our web based software, we can supply an account number and you can send it to us via Fedex or UPS.

Once we receive your invoice we'll post the results within 48 hours. See the once cumbersome paper or CD invoice come alive and be displayed in colorful graphs, charts and reports. Get an accurate view of your current costs and what inventory you have. You'll be amazed.

Click here to send us an invoice and start the free trial.

Here's sample view of a site location inventory.