Top 5 Reasons to use Telecom Expense Management Software instead of Excel Spreadsheets to Manage Telecom Inventory and Expenses

1 – Manual Data Entry – Is this really the best use of you or your teams time? Can you capture all of the fields that need to be input for accurate accounting and inventory? We can take a 500 page paper invoice, run it through our $10,000 scanners, OCR the correct fields, input the data into our TEM software, run exception, variance and inventory reports, create dashboard graphs, charts and reports all within a few minutes. If you spend hours manually keying in data then perhaps it’s time for you to evaluate TEM software.

2 – Cost – Most companies use Excel as a standard application so there is no additional cost as there would be for TEM software. There is a perception that TEM software is only for large government entities and very large enterprises. Vocio was founded to serve the mid market enterprise and can generate a ROI for enterprises spending as little as 25k per month for all of their local, LD, Internet, data and wireless spend. Of course we can also handle the large accounts as well but the point is to not rule out the possibility of TEM software because you think it costs too much. Get an Instant Quote and see what it might cost and then run a pilot to see if you can get an ROI.

3 – Revisions – Spreadsheets are not able to be accessed by multiple workgroups in real time. Sure you can share a spreadsheet with a colleague over the web but many times we find companies have multiple revisions of files floating around between individual desktops and office servers. The “who has the most recent copy” and the “where is the most recent copy” questions are often e-mailed and shouted across workgroups. TEM software eliminates the need of revisions by having a central repository for all information, shared across multiple workgroups and updated in real time.

4- Programming – What if you don't know all the formula’s to create a complex spreadsheet with detailed reporting along with detailed graphs and charts? Do you then sacrifice functionality and potentially miss a large billing error or inventory item? By using TEM Software the complexity of programming formula's is removed. With our TEM Software anyone with basic computer knowledge can become a master at managing telecom and wireless expenses and inventory.

5 – The Silo – Excel runs in a silo so if you’re using Excel that means you’re also using other applications as well. Like Outlook for contacts and placing orders, Word for storing contracts and other documents, perhaps a server for storing digital copies of your invoices. It’s inefficient to run applications in silo’s when you can easily replace them with a centralized application that can manage and store all your information along with a geographic diverse back up system to keep all the information safe.