Top 5 Reasons for Telecom Expense Management Software

#1 Do you believe your invoices are accurate?

You'd probably agree a telecom invoice is one of the least understood invoices a business receives. Many credible sources report that telecom invoices are wrong 3-15% of the time and 85-90% of the time it favors the carriers, meaning they over billed you. Using Telecom Expense Management Software will ensure you pay accurate invoices, identify billing discrepancies,  track disputes and quickly get refunds.

#2 Do you have an accurate "validated" inventory of your telecom and wireless services?

Validating all telecom and wireless inventory is a time consuming but necessary process in lowering your telecom expenses. Telecom Expense Management Software will allow you to keep an up to date inventory and identify if you're paying for former employees, closed offices or under utilized services.

#3 Has wireless created new challenges to maintain a current inventory and control expenses?

Keeping up with wireless inventory, optimizing rate plans and pooling minutes, replacing broken equipment, refreshing old equipment, setting usage policies to curb abuses and providing new applications like navigation and tracking. Wireless presents a lot of new challenges that can be best managed and tracked with TEM Software.

#4 Do your Finance, Telecom/IT and HR personnel work from the same application?

Many sources report each invoice a business receives may travel through several department and be handled by multiple people within each department. They estimate it costs $30-$45 in "soft" labor costs to process the invoice from receipt through payment. Many times each department uses their own method for tracking the payments and inventory. Automating the processing of invoices through a centralized Telecom Expense Management Software platform, accessible in real time, to all departments will lower your overall costs of processing invoices.

#5  Do you validate contracted rates to invoices?

Once the agreement is signed the real work starts. Rating errors are most common when initiating or changing service but validation must take place each month in order to guarantee your carrier is properly billing you. TEM Software automates this process by running variance reports to identify any changes to a MRC or on a set percentage above or below a specified range.

These are just a few ways we get results, but you know it's not that simple.

Learning and adopting yet another software program doesn't sound like much fun. We agree, so we've developed the easiest to use, most intuitive, customizable Telecom Expense Management Software available for the Mid Market Enterprise. Check out V-Vision