New Blackberry Bold - Will it keep the RIM faithful from moving to an iPhone?

Blackberry's new Bold (9000), announced today, is Blackberry's attempt to stave off the iPhone popularity and keep RIM as the dominant enterprise device.

Blackberry is by far the preferred enterprise device but the iPhone user experience has some IT departments taking a look at the iPhone as as a supported device. If you are an existing Blackberry user and were considering a move to the iPhone will the new Bold keep you faithful to RIM?

According to Scott Moritz at Fortune the Blackberry is in for a brusing.

By the way if you're interested in piloting the iPhone check out the iPhone Enterprise Beta Program. The beta apparently includes push e-mail, contacts, calender and a global address book and other BES like features.

If you're interested in a discussion on the Blackberry Bold and the iPhone check out the podcast located at the bottom of this page.

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